Project and programme implementation strategies

Implementation of field activities

Planned activities are  being implemented through CWCS traditional multi-partners/stakeholders participatory approach (see governance structure) involving technical partners (international governmental and nongovernmental organisations) including universities, donors, networks (mangrove network) and local partners (local administration, local government services, private sectors, consultants, etc). Collaboration is being strengthened with the existing partners while new ones will be identified and reinforced.

Monitoring and evaluation

MonitoringInternal monitoring and evaluation of progress is ensured through monitoring of key indicators of project implementation often presented a logical framework work format in accordance with CWCS strategic plans. M & E is facilitated through regular field visits and supervisory missions to project area. Technical progress reports are being produced meeting the needs of partners and also discussed with CWCS hierarchy, government technical services and other partners. Generally activities are carried out according to annual, semester and monthly platforms. Monthly planning with partners through meetings or any forum form the basis for monitoring project activities. An internal periodic evaluation through staff meetings according to the availability of personnel can also be pursued. At the end of each budgetary sequence, an evaluation is made according to the procedures of CWCS evaluation with technical and financial components, all in projecting the perspectives for future phases. External evaluation may be organised yearly or at the end of the programme depending on the availability of funds.