No Year Type of Report Title Place of publication Number of Pages Author(s) Report Supervisor(s) Abstract Full text
1 2009 CP PES in mangroves and wetlands Katoomba West African Workshop, Ghana 6-10 October, 2009 Gordon Ajonina and Bertin Tchikangwa Abstract Full text
2 2009 CP Compensating mining and oil deforestation/environmental degradation through biodiversity offset and other payment for environmental services mechanisms: Approaches and case studies.   Forum National sur la Gestion Intégrée des Ressources Forestières et Minières au Cameroon, Yaounde, Assemblée Nationale, 16-17  Juillet, 2009. Gordon Ajonina  Abstract Full text
3 2014 JP Mangrove Conditions as Indicator for Potential Payment for Ecosystem Services in Some Estuaries of Western Region of Ghana, West Africa.  In  Salif Diop, Jean-Paul Barusseau, Cyr Descamps (eds). The Land/Ocean Interactions in the Coastal Zone of West and Central Africa Estuaries of the World .pp 151-166.  Gordon N. Ajonina, Tundi Agardy, Winnie Lau, Kofi Agbogah, Balertey Gormey Abstract Full text